Rector's Message

Rector's Message

Dear Students and Valued Faculty Members,

Greeting you as the Rector of IMU, I would first like to introduce you our university briefly by making a few comments on our name and values. The M in IMU’s name represents Medeniyet, meaning Civilization in Turkish, which is the core concept of how we understand university. IMU is a human- and civilization-oriented, new-generation public university and for us, there are two elements that makes a university possible: students and academic staff. All levels of administration, chiefly the rector, and all administrative staff serve these two main elements, facilitating their activities and give them impetus in their quest for “learning, teaching, production, and application”. Thus, under our guidance, our university administration works toward this ultimate goal, being the principal supporters for the competence of students and prolificacy of the academic staff.

As its first and foremost objective, IMU aims to train future professionals and distinguished experts that excel in their respective fields of study and are able to meet the needs of the modern world. And we are working and will resolutely work toward creating “a university that is free in intellectual debates to be held on a platform of liberty and responsibility; original with its generation of values, knowledge, and technology; respectful with equal and fair treatment toward different beliefs and ideas; universal with its interest toward its region and the globe; innovative and accessible by targeting individual peace and social welfare; and social with its human- and student-oriented campus and understanding.”

As for our educational concept, IMU is committed to the principles of enhancing the amount and quality of scientific knowledge generated and facilitating free and open exchange of scientific knowledge and information. It highly values research and places special emphasis on graduate and post-graduate education. Believing that international cooperation is crucial for a modern university, we have taken important steps toward active participation in student and faculty exchange programs and developing close ties and collaboration with leading education institutions around the world. So with its young and energetic staff, IMU already ranks highly among other higher education institutions in Turkey and is thriving to become a world acknowledged institution.  

With numerous research centers and facilities, IMU provides ample opportunities for students to develop new projects and conduct scientific research. The university also takes active part in social responsibility projects to strengthen social bonds and contributes to the improvement of society through its training programs for the public and private sector, as well as through its publications and the panels, workshops, conferences organized as part of its pioneering projects such as Sociopark and the Center for Civilization Studies (ISMAM).

We will always be happy to welcome you in our university.

With my warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik