Zero Waste Zero Loss in our University


Istanbul Medeniyet University adopts the principle of respect for soil, water, air and humans and supports the zero waste project for a greener future. Because we know that the Earth is not our inheritance, but a heritage entrusted to us to pass down to future generations.

Prioritizing all those considerations, our University has shown its awareness about “zero waste” by setting up ten waste collection points in its campuses. Thus, we will not only avoid wastefulness, but also ensure more efficient use of our resources. We will consume our limited resources in a more balanced way vis-à-vis our unlimited needs and assume full responsibility for leaving a habitable universe to future generations.

Always defining itself as an environmentalist institution, our University will ensure the maintenance and continuity of “zero waste” project in the coming years and open its doors to all projects and efforts based on awareness for our environment and future, as it always has done.