Workshop on the “Ego Documents in Ottoman Literature” Successfully Completed


Jointly organized by IMU Faculty of Arts and Humanities and IMU Center for Civilization Studies (ISMAM) Ego Documents Research Unit and supported by the Turkish Historical Society (TTK) and the Foundation for Science, Arts, History and Literature (ISTEV), the workshop “Ego Documents in Ottoman Literature” was successfully completed on 11-13 March 2020. The event started on March 11th with the opening remarks by Prof. Dr. Selim Karahasanoğlu, followed by a greeting speech delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yüksel Özgen, Vice President of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. The opening ceremony was also attended by Prof. Dr. Adnan Sofuoğlu, Deputy President of Atatürk Research Center. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik also delivered an opening speech as the host of the event and wished for a successful workshop for all. President of ISTEV Songül Koç expressed their pleasure in supporting the event.

A total of six sessions were held at the two-day workshop with world-renowned scientists, who examined different genres from itineraries and autobiographical works to memoirs and diaries.

In the first day’s sessions, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Dekker of Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. James S. Amelang of Spain, Slyvie Moret Petrini of Switzerland and Malte Griesse of Russia shared with the attendants the ego document literature of their respective countries. On March 12, Thursday, Prof. Dr. İhsan Fazlıoğlu, Dean of our Faculty of Arts and Humanities delivered the opening speech and Prof. Dr. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele was the guest of honor. In the last session held on March 13, Friday, to which Cornell H. Fleischer and Noah D. Gardiner also participated, the participants talked about the famous Ottoman scholar Abdurrahman Bistami and his works that can be seen as ego documents.

During the closing and general evaluation sessions, Hatice Aynur, Tülay Artan, Selçuk Akşin Somel and Suraiya Faroqhi focused on the question “Who is an Ottoman?”. The workshop ended with the social event held in Validebağ Grove.