We Start Construction Work for the Academic Buildings in our Göztepe Campus Complex


Our University has launched the construction of three blocks of Academic Buildings as part of our Göztepe Campus Complex. The blocks were designed with a massive solid ground floor and as three different buildings in the upper floors. To be built in close proximity to another building that will house the offices for the faculty members of our Faculties of Law and Social Sciences and graduate classrooms, these three blocks of Academic Buildings will be housing (1) sufficient number of classrooms for all students in our Faculties of Political Sciences, Law, Education Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Art, Design and Architecture; (2) Lecture Halls, and (3) Central Classrooms, respectively.

The Central Classrooms building will be the first for completion in July 2021. This building will include 2 lecture halls for 250 people each, 110 classrooms with capacities ranging from 40 to 125 students, a mock courtroom for the students of our Faculty of Law, drawing and design workshops for the students of our Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Art, Design and Architecture, 2 computer labs, a cafeteria, a bookstore, offices of our Department of Student Affairs, and rooms for our student clubs.

In addition to a Classrooms Building of 29.850 m2, the contract also covers the rough construction of the basement and ground floors of the three blocks amounting to a total of 23.000 m2. The total construction area to be completed in July 2021 will be 52.850 m2.

The construction work for the buildings has started and is planned to be finished in 450 days by working 24/7.

In the meantime, the project design and construction processes are also in progress for our Health Campus, Rectorate and Dining Hall buildings.