We Contribute to the Invention that Extends Life Span of Lithium-ion Batteries!


As part of the TÜBİTAK-supported scientific research project coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Sevda Avcı of our Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the project team developed and patented a method that extends the life span of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries currently are used in many areas and constitutes a significant element in the national automobile project.
The professors have prolonged the life span of lithium-ion batteries by using various scientific techniques. The scientists’ work has been certified by the patent "Production method for high capacity li-ion and na-ion batteries with a long life span and the cathode material used in these batteries" received from the Turkish Standards Institute.

The project’s success was covered in the national media. You can read the related news here.

We congratulate Assoc. Prof. Sevda Avcı and wish her continued success.