Visual Communication Design Department Students Selected in the Top 100 in Poster Design


Our 4 bachelor students from Art, Design and Architecture Faculty Visual Communication Design Department were achieved to be selected in the top 100 list in the 3rd Bolu International Poster Design Competition with the theme of "Against Violence" by Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University - BIAH (Bolu International Art Hall). We sincerely congratulate Baha Yüce, Gülşah Feyza Gündoğdu, Hale Ege Alağuş and Sema Mürekkepçi, who has achieved great success.

Our dear guest lecturer Pınar Çelik, who encourages our students to participate in this competition, expressed her views as follows:

"The achievements of our students make us proud. Within the scope of the Social Responsibility and Design course, it is aimed that the students take up the most important problems of the disadvantaged individuals, nature, and all living things in the society, identify the problem, and create designs in order to raise awareness in the society and activate it. In this context, the importance of the role of the designer is increasing. Therefore; we have designed posters on violence, one of the most important social problems, with our students and attended the 3rd Bolu International Poster Design Competition organized by BAIBU Bolu International Art Hall. We are pleased to announce that the poster designs of four of our students were selected among the "top 100 works" that are worth exhibiting in this international competition, in which 1608 designers from 46 countries participated with their 3041 works. I am proud of our students whose poster designs were chosen, and I advise all of our students to continue to produce by participating in more design competitions."

Our young students who make us very proud also state the following about their designs and achievements:

"I am happy and proud to have my work displayed. More importantly, it was to make people's voices heard against this big problem. If I was able to do that then that would be the meaning of success." Baha Yüce.

"When a woman is victimized by violence, she is sacrificed not only for herself but also for what she left behind." Gülşah Feyza Gündoğdu.

"There is a saying that fate is in love with effort. I've never been a good illustrator. I couldn't even draw a stickman until I was 36. And now I am 39 years old. It takes effort, perseverance, and hard work, of course, but we also need "LOVE". Design is Love." Hale Ege Alağuş.

"The words "violence" and "animals" should never go together and there must be an effort to prevent this. It was a pleasure to hear that my work was selected as one of the top 100 posters. I would like to thank my dear teacher Pınar Çelik, who encouraged us to participate in this competition within the scope of the Social Responsibility and Design course." Sema Mürekkepçi.

We congratulate especially our students, and academics, who contributed.