Traces of Civilization in the Book “Pioneering Figures of Africa”


Edited by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas, Dean of our Faculty of Political Sciences, and Asst. Dr. Muhammed Tandoğan of the Department of International Relations, the book “Pioneering Figures of Africa” is now available. The book introduces the African leaders well-known in Turkey as well as other pioneering figures who have dedicated their lives to struggle with colonialists since the early 20th century. Among the contributors of the book are Osman Kağan Yücel, Abdullah Erdem Taş, İsa Gökgedik, Ahmet Kavas, Muhammed Tandoğan, Halim Gençoğlu, İlhan Zengin, and Tuğrul Oğuzhan Yılmaz.
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