The Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey (YÖKAK) Visits IMU


The evaluation teams formed by the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey (YÖKAK) as part of the Institutional External Evaluation Program are paying site visits to 45 higher education institutions, for which evaluations will have been completed by the end of June this year.

Under the Institutional External Evaluation Program, YÖKAK forms evaluation teams whose members are selected from among the rectors, vice rectors, academic and administrative staff, and students from different higher education institutions. Teams of five to eight members including a team leader are provided with the “Evaluator Training”, which focuses on consistency between the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report Writing Guide, Institutional Self-Evaluation Report, Site Visit, and External Evaluation Report.

The site visit to be conducted in our University in this framework will start with the arrival of the evaluation team and following the completion of visits, will end with the Exit Notification, upon which the team will leave the institution. This field work will contribute to the internalization of the continuous improvement and quality culture throughout the University.

After the Site Visit, the Institutional Feedback Reports written by the evaluation team will be shared with the public through the websites of YÖKAK and our University.