The Great Success of IMU TOMER Students


The welcome meeting to İstanbul organized by Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) took place in Bilim Üsküdar with the attendance of Dear President Abdullah Eren.

Many of the students coming from 167 different countries have been educated at TOMER courses for almost a year. In the meeting, there were 400 students. In the beginning of the event, there was brief information about YTB, its activities, and a policy was given. In addition to this, the requests by the students were heard and taken into consideration. There was an YTB introduction video and TechnoFest presentation. Moreover, the famous youtuber group called 3Y1T took part in the event and talked about their experiences in Turkey.

İMU TOMER students, Kamila and Saida, were chosen as the best students in the rank of Turkey scholarship holders. The president Abdullah Eren gave the prizes personally to our students. We celebrate the success of our students and wish them a successful life of education in Turkey. Lastly, the event ended with the prize ceremony and family photo session.