The 15th National Spinal Cord Injuries Symposium Successfully Completed


The 15th of the 15th National Spinal Cord Injuries Symposium which has been traditionally organized since 2000 was held in our Aşık Paşa Conference Hall on February 22nd Saturday under the theme “Management of SCI in Early Phase”. Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Yaşar Bülbül also attended the event hosted by our University.

The symposium was supported by the Neurotoxin Society, International Spinal Cord Society, Turkish Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association, the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey, and IMU Göztepe Training and Research Hospital.

The one-day symposium was chaired by Prof. Dr. Belgin Erhan and contributed by 17 speakers (two from abroad) and 10 moderators in a total of five sessions. The event received great interest and was attended by over 200 specialists, assistants, students, nurses, and physiotherapists.