Symposium on Mysticism in Bulgaria


“The International Symposium on Mysticism in Bulgaria and Shaikh Suleyman of Kyustendil” will be held in Sofia on 27-28 September 2019 as a joint event of İstanbul Medeniyet University and the National Library of Bulgaria. As the subject of the symposium, Süleyman Şeykhi Efendi (d. 1819-20) was a significant Ottoman scholar and mystic who represented the sufi tradition and was instrumental in the adoption of Naqshbandi customs and culture in the Balkans.  

Over 30 specialists and scholars from 15 different universities will deliver presentations in the symposium, which aims to draw attention to the sufi life in the region and make a scientific and cultural contribution to gaining a better understanding of Süleyman Şeykhi of Kyustendil and his circle in particular and the sufi life in the region from the Ottoman era to the present day in general.

Details can be accessed through the symposium web site at