Students of Lisan-ı Hâl Club Set Up a Village School Library


Supervised by Asst. Prof. Fatma Albayrak of the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education at IMU Faculty of Educational Sciences, Lisan-ı Hâl student club set up a library in Yolgeçmez Village of Selim District in Kars. Motivated by the motto “The Future Will Always Smile”, the students collected 2000 books, 2 computers, 6 wooden bookcases and various stationery supplies in a short time. Sponsored by Pendik Municipality, academic members of the Faculty of Education and School of Foreign Languages, and the Department of Health, Culture, and Sports, eleven students traveled to Kars to install the bookcases and place the books and materials. We are proud to announce that with 52 students and 4 teachers, Yolgeçmez Village Primary School has a library now.