Science and Civilization Workshops Successfully Completed


As a project sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as part of the Youth Projects Support Program and carried out by IMU Science and Civilization Club, “Science and Civilization Workshops” has been successfully completed.

A total of 9 workshops have been conducted under five themes, which include:

Workshop on Alternative Resources in Sociology and Fiction Studies Workshop as part of the Conceptual Workshops;

India, China, and Bayt al-Maqdis Workshops as part of the Regional Workshops;

Nurettin Topçu Workshop as part of the Personality Workshops;

Hebrew and Russian Workshops as part of the Language Workshops; and

Basic Electronics – Physical Programming Workshop as part of the Technology Workshops.

More than 350 students from fifty different universities applied for the Science and Civilization Workshops Project. A total of 134 students have successfully completed the training process and now are entitled to receiving their participation certificates.

Carried out by the undergraduate and graduate students who are members of the Science and Civilization Club, the workshops were held in Göztepe South Campus at İstanbul Medeniyet University.  A total of 12 specialized instructors contributed to the project as trainers, including Prof. Dr. Berdal Aral, Prof. Dr. Abdülfettah El-Awaisi, Assoc. Prof. Lütfi Sunar, Dr. Abdulkadir Turan, and Dr. Müncid Ebubekir.

The opening conference on “Turkish Modernization” was delivered by Asst. Prof. Mustafa Özel of İstanbul Şehir University. As part of the closing ceremony, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kara of İstanbul Şehir University delivered a speech on "Nurettin Topçu and the Education Question in Turkey".