Remembering our July 15 Martyrs and National Struggle with Respect


Three years ago, members of FETÖ, a global terror organization, attempted at a treacherous coup d’état against Turkish people, democracy, and our beloved country in military disguise. On that day, our people overpowered tanks and made a national saga in our history of democracy against imperialist powers just like in Çanakkale. And again, just like in Çanakkale, the saga belonged to our noble nation. As a window of science and knowledge opening from these lands to the world, İstanbul Medeniyet University contributed to the national resistance with its hospital to our injured citizens and with its students, academic and administrative staff. In order to remember what transpired during the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th once again and to memorialize the self-sacrifice of our nation, we share with you a video dedicated to this historical day.

In the person of our July 15 martyrs, we remember all our martyrs with mercy, gratitude, and prayers.