Panel titled “Autism Spectrum Disorder and Inclusion/Integration Practices” Was Held


The panel titled "Autism Spectrum Disorder and Inclusion/Integration Practices" was held online on April 2, 2022, in collaboration with Istanbul Medeniyet University Autism Research Center and our faculty. This year's theme was “inclusion/integration practices”. Just like every year, this year, autism spectrum disorder was discussed from different perspectives. In this context, autism spectrum disorder and inclusion/integration practices were approached from the perspectives of academicians, teachers and parents.

The panel started with the opening speeches of Our Vice-Rector Prof. Yaşar Bülbül, our Dean Prof. Ahmet Akın and the Manager of Autism Research Center Prof. Yeşim Güleç Aslan. In the opening speeches, the importance and support given by our university and faculty to the efforts to increase the quality of life of individuals with special needs and to raise awareness related to individuals with special needs in the society was emphasized.

After the opening speeches, the panel started with the speech of Prof. Sema Batu. Having made significant contributions to both the literature and practice in the field of inclusion / integration for years, Prof. Sema Batu contributed to the program with her presentation titled “Autism Spectrum Disorder and Overview of Inclusion/Integration Practices”. Then, our faculty member Dr. Ayşe Büşra Subaşı Yurtçu talked about the needs of inclusion/integration in our country and a service she started within the scope of the Social Autism Program. The collaborative consultation process offered to volunteer preschool teachers was explained and the opinions of participating teachers Merve Tezel and Tuğçe Yurt were shared. After this presentation, our faculty member Assoc. Dr. Özcan Erkan Akgün shared his experiences of inclusion/integration from the perspective of the parents and emphasized the factors that experts and parents should pay attention to. Inclusion/integration practices from the perspective of the teacher were shared with the speech of the preschool teacher Fatma Kıyak. Fatma Kıyak shared her integration/inclusion experiences with her student with ASD.

Finally, our pre-school teaching students Şerife Akdeniz, Nisanur Akyüz, Rabia Karabacak, Buse Yalçın, Merve Nur Demirci and Eda Demir, who were awarded by TOVAK for the “Be Aware of Disadvantaged Children” project they carried out with their supervisor Prof. Yeşim Güleç Aslan, shared details about their projects. The panel ended with a question-answer session