Our Rector Meets the Presidents and Advisors of Student Clubs


In order to improve the scientific, social and cultural activities of our student clubs with the support of our University, Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik met the presidents and advisors of our student clubs in two separate meetings.

In the first meeting held on October 24, our Rector hosted the presidents of our student clubs in the Rectorate dining hall and informed them about the latest developments, plans and projects in our University. He noted that our support for our student clubs will be receiving greater support from our University in the coming days and answered the students’ questions at the end of the meeting.

Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik later met our faculty members consulting the student clubs in a consultation meeting organized in our Âşık Paşa Conference Hall on 15 November 2019. In the meeting, the presentations delivered by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports about our student clubs were followed by our Rector’s address to our faculty members as club advisors.

Our Rector noted in his speech that a lot has changed since the 1960s when the modern university concept was shaped and we have distant access to information now; however, the need for teachers who act as a guide for students will never end. In this context, he said: “faculty members are not people who only teach lessons; they are also individuals who have taken on the responsibility for humanity and who convey all the knowledge, skills and experience they have to the new generation.” Prof. Dr. Çelik underlined that guidance from our faculty members as advisors plays a significant role in making up for shortcomings of our youth in their knowledge and experience about life. In this respect, our Rector expressed his wish that all our academic staff will assume such administrative roles and informed them that they are taking the steps for ensuring that such roles fulfilled will also be given official incentives and recognition. The later part of the meeting was dedicated a Q&A session with the advisors where they also expressed their suggestions.