Our Rector Attends the International School Principals Conference


Organized by Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and Leading School Principals Society, the International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019) on School Design and Aesthetics has been completed.

The conference dealt with the design features of educational spaces, which are shaped as a result of the multi-faceted negotiation and interaction between different professional groups and actors, and are constantly reproduced socially. 

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik delivered a speech in the “International School Principals Conference”, which aims to discuss the relationship between socio-spatial dimensions of architectural design and educational processes with different experts and academicians from the fields of architecture, educational sciences, human and sociology.

In his speech, our Rector said the following: “I welcome our guests from Turkey and different parts of the world. Education activities were among the indispensable elements of Seljukian and Ottoman daily urban life. For instance, madrasas and imarets throughout Anatolia from its most remote corners to the Balkans are all our legacy. They constructed these buildings in such a way that they could serve to the entire society, not just a certain group or class. Even people from much different cultures and countries recognize their aesthetic features today.” Our Rector continued his speech with the following remarks: “The 19th and 20th centuries brought about a sway in the world. 1950 and its aftermath, when “supply” dominated the world, had its impact on education as well. Despite the well-meaning efforts of the post-1980s, unfortunately, processes regarding education and its juridification could not be initiated to meet the related demand and needs from construction of buildings to various aesthetic elements. Today, the world has similar expectations about education; however, we cannot talk about a common aesthetic and design concept.”

Our Rector thanked all participants at the end of his speech and was followed by the sessions, panels, and workshops. The two-day International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019) on School Design and Aesthetics was completed with the closing ceremony.