Our Rector Attends the Academic Council Meetings of our Faculties


Our Rector attended the academic council meetings organized to create roadmap for our Faculties for 2019-2020 academic year and to realize our continuous development goals.

During the meetings, current problems, shortcomings and solutions were discussed at large. The faculty meetings were held on 04.10.2019 for the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences; on 14.10.2019 for the Faculties of Political Sciences and Art, Design and Architecture; on 15.10.2019 for the Faculties of Dentistry and Tourism; on 17.10.2019 for the Faculties of Health Sciences and Education Sciences; on 24.10.2019 for Law Faculty; on 01.11.2019 for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities; and on 07.11.2019 for the Faculty of Medicine.

In the meetings, the presentations delivered by faculties were followed by a speech by Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik, who informed our academic members about our current situation and goals and projects for the future. In his speeches, our Rector particularly focused on the current state of our construction projects including those for classroom and academic staff buildings which are crucial for educational activities and the new library and hospital buildings, new academic programs planned, and what we can do to carry our educational quality one step further. Prof. Dr. Çelik made detailed explanations about our updated campus building project with images.

Rector Prof. Dr. Çelik noted that attained a significant achievement by being rated the 29th in the recently announced URAP University Ranking despite the rapid increase in the number of our students and all the shortcomings regarding the number of staff and physical infrastructure and spoke about the expectations from our Faculties for improving our education quality. He said: “Now, we have arrived at a point where we need to focus on quality rather than quantity in the management of universities in Turkey. We have carefully drafted our Strategic Plan for 2020-2024 and with it, we made a promise on where we are going to be in five years’ time. For our coordinated progress, we ask you to create concrete four-year plans that is ripened with the opinions of all our academic staff and students and integrate the ideas of all departments as the consensus of the entire Faculty.”

In this context, Prof. Dr. Çelik said that they are expecting all Faculty members to submit short- and long-term action plans and all requirements will be given priority in line with the plans in question.

Prof. Dr. Çelik underlined that our teachers play a significant part in realizing our vision of being a “student-centered” university and said: “We are here for our students. Our teachers should focus on their classes with a student-centered approach. Thesis advisors should spare regular time for their students. Communication with students and monitoring needs to be improved. Our aim is to raise self-confident students who are well-equipped for the market.” He said “The future of Turkey is in our hands” and asked our faculty members to take care of their students with regard to social issues as well.

Academic council meetings ended with question & answer sessions with Faculty members.