Our Human Rights Research Center is Established


“Istanbul Medeniyet University Human Rights Research Center” was officially established by its regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 08.10.2019 no 30912. As specified in the regulation, the Center aims to “conduct theoretical and practical research and activities in order to ensure recognition, protection, implementation, and promotion of human rights with a focus on national and international law through an interdisciplinary approach in human rights law and humanitarian law and by using scientific methods.”

In line with its founding purpose, our Human Rights Research Center will form various subdivisions on human rights such as the rights of martyrs and veterans, women, children, youth, senior citizens, disabled individuals, refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, disadvantaged groups, victims, gifted individuals, minorities, and the poor. Furthermore, the Center also plans to open a “Turkish Female Murders Observatory” in collaboration with national and international organizations and to contribute to human rights activities conducted by the United Nations and affiliated organizations such as UNESCO and International Labor Organization. The Center will carry out scientific and academic activities to raise awareness about human rights among disadvantaged groups and enhance their access to human rights and will organize national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, and similar events on human rights law and humanitarian law.   

We believe that establishment of Istanbul Medeniyet University Human Rights Research Center constitutes a significant step toward realizing our vision of “contributing to global peace and adopting humanitarian values” and “intention to become a university oriented toward Social Responsibility” and wish that it will bring many rewards for our University, country, and nation.

Please click here to access the Regulation on Istanbul Medeniyet University Human Rights Research Center (in Turkish).