Istanbul Medeniyet University Senate Statement on Jerusalem


IMU Senate unanimously accepted the following statement on Jerusalem during its session held on 13.12.2017.

“Jerusalem is a Red Line for Humanity”

Based on a decision taken on the 6th of December 2017, the US Presidency declared that it recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and would transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A sequel to an ominous decision that was announced in 1980 by an occupying state whose legitimacy is controversial and was condemned and disavowed by the UN, this declaration has been an unfortunate and impertinent step both for the decision makers and the region.

This single-handed decision, which is irreconcilable with international law and humanitarian conscience, is trying to impose to the world Jerusalem or “al-Quds al-Sharif”, as dubbed by our ancestors, as the so-called capital of an occupying government. This unfortunate attempt that cannot be reconciled with regional balances as well as the practices of diplomacy and international society based on mutual respect is in fact a challenge, rather than an imposition, which would create much more tension in an already tense region.

This is an attempt to offer Jerusalem, a holy city and a centuries-old land of peace for humanity, to the occupying Israel, which has been relying on systematic terror for its regional survival, and this fait accompli is certainly unacceptable. Jerusalem is the humanity’s red line for peace, security, and the future. Neither the region nor the world can attain peace until Jerusalem attains it.

As the Senate of Istanbul Medeniyet University, we condemn the single-handed decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of a state with controversial legitimacy. A fair solution needed to establish permanent peace in the region can only start by reinstating the ignored honor and rights of aggrieved Palestinians. With this belief, we invite all actors concerned with the region to act responsibly and avoid playing with fire.