International Symposium on Shaikh Suleyman of Kyustendil Held in Bulgaria


“The International Symposium on Mysticism in Bulgaria and Shaikh Suleyman of Kyustendil” was held in Sofia on 27-28 September 2019 as a joint event of İstanbul Medeniyet University, the National Library of Bulgaria, and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

With significant contributions to academic literature on the region’s history and culture, the event was organized in two sections, which are “Shaikh Suleyman of Kyustendil” and “Mysticism in Bulgaria”. During the symposium, a total of 42 presentations were delivered by Turkish and Bulgarian scholars. The first section dealt with the life, works, and thought of Shaikh Suleyman of Kyustendil, who played a significant part in the scholarly and sufi life in the Balkans in the early 19th century. The second section of the symposium focused, from the perspective of history of economics, on the Ottoman institutions in Bulgaria such as waqfs, mosques, and lodges that fostered spiritual life in the region.

The symposium ended with a musical event in which pieces based on the verses of Shaikh Suleyman were performed.