IMU Science Fest Ends


Istanbul Medeniyet University (IMU) Science Fest, or “Science at Campus, Festival on Science”, organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences was held on 24-25 April 2019 in an outdoor area in South Campus. As the first festival supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK), the event was participated by Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik, Mustafa Özarslan, Governor of Kadıköy, District Directors of National Education and their representatives, and many guest students and academic staff members of our university.

For two days, the focus was on the relationship between nature, science, and technology. During the festival, individuals of all ages found the chance to “communicate with science” thanks to the chemistry, physics, molecular biology demonstration experiments and the performance demonstrations of intelligent electronic circuits and the ways to efficiently use our brains developed in the workshops of the Faculty’s newly established laboratories.

The opening speech of the Science Festival was delivered by Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik, who said: "For centuries, from East to West, there has been a constant struggle to grab the torch of science. Of course, many obstacles arose, but humanity persevered and strove toward this indispensable goal. Today, we see the consequences of this struggle. Man has traveled to the moon and under the seas, plays with human genetics, and develops weapons, but it is a completely different kind of happiness for us to see all the aspects of these efforts reflected in the peace and happiness of humanity.”

During the festival, a total of 37 workshops were held, including ”Robotic Design with Coding“, “Nature and Science“, "Smart Numbers and Mathematics", "Let's Read DNA“, "Let's Recycle Waste", "Science Shows", “Rocket Design“, and "Mind Games". Also, academic staff specializing in different fields contributed with interviews and speeches.