Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dogan Arslan Wins Three International Awards


Assoc. Prof. Dogan Arslan, the Head of Visual Communication Design Department in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of Istanbul Medeniyet University, received three important awards in international visual arts contests held in the United States of America, Europe, and Cuba.

Arslan's first prize came from the European Cartoon Center, which organizes a well-established contest in Belgium, where Arslan won the first award with his work titled “Möbius Strip”. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 22nd of the contest focused on the theme “Wall” this year. No less than 985 cartoonists from over 87 countries sent a total of 2750 works to the prestigious contest.

Arslan commented on the idea behind his work in an interview by Belgian AVS Television: “In my work, I wanted to focus on the immigration issue in Turkey and Europe. My aim was to depict a refugee family on an endless form of “Möbius Strip” to point out to the homelessness of refugees from a humorous perspective.”

Assoc. Prof. Dogan Arslan was entitled to a second award for his work “Möbius Strip” at the Tomy Online political humor contest held within the framework of the XXI International Biennial of Graphic Humor Cuba 2019. Dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana, the Tomy Online contest is celebrated under the theme "Migration, the background of a tragedy". 1400 works from 400 cartoonists and graphic artists from 55 countries were received for this year’s contest. Ms. Nilüfer Aksoy, Ambassador's Second Secretary of Turkey received the Grand Prize in Doğan Arslan’s behalf from Ricardo Ronquillo, President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC), and Jorge Legañoa Alonso, Vice president of the UPEC and president of the organizing committee of the event.

Assoc. Prof. Dogan Arslan’s another award is from prestigious Graphis, a design related organization in the US. Arslan won the Gold Medal with his work "Trojan Horse" in the best poster design competition in Graphis.

Arslan expressed the idea of ​​the work as follows: “The story of Trojan Horse was an event that occurred in Anatolian history. Nowadays, an overseas foreign country has deployed its army in some of the countries in the Middle East to provide security in the territory including Turkey. In my work, I wanted to emphasize the danger in this situation.”