Assoc. Prof. Berna BEBİTOĞLU of our Faculty of Medicine Receives the "Best Oral Presentation Award"


In the "VII. International Congress of Molecular Medicine" Congress held in Istanbul on 5-7 September 2019, the study titled "The Neuroprotective Effect of Lamotrigine Against Glutamate Excitotoxicity in Sh-Sy5y Human Neuroblastoma Cells" presented by Assoc. Prof. Berna TERZİOĞLU BEBİTOĞLU, faculty member of the Department of Medical Pharmacology of our Faculty of Medicine, and completed by the support of our Scientific Research Projects Unit received the "Best Oral Presentation Award". The study was jointly conducted by Assoc. Prof. Berna TERZİOĞLU BEBİTOĞLU, Assoc. Prof. Elif OĞUZ, Dr. Gökçe ACET, and Dr. Ajla HODJIC.