An Academic Collaboration Between Our University And ISF Studio


An academic cooperation has been established between Istanbul Medeniyet University and ISF Studio. In this context, our students from the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture will have a chance to practice the professional working with the leearning opportunities provided by ISF Studios, which produces cartoon animation movies such as TRT's favorite cartoon "Rafadan Tayfa".

Within the scope of the Digital Art Academy, which was established under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology; ISF Studios will cooperate with Ankara Bilim University and Istanbul Medeniyet University. In the project, joint studies will be carried out with TRT Academy. The aim of the trainings given at the Digital Art Academy is that to bring together theory and practice and provide qualified workforce for the sector. An industry-oriented model for the training of animation will be applied in the project.

İsmail Fidan, the producer of the Rafadan Tayfa movie, indicated that the animation industry will be one of the most important areas of the future and he continued as: “We believe that the animation industry will be the industry at the heart of all industries. We are working to ensure that the artist candidates in the industry are qualified artists.”

Informing about the project, our Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik said; "While we strengthen our student's academic base, we also want to provide a base that can integrate with the outside world even at the educational level."

In the first stage, thirty students will be given practical training at the Digital Art Academy, and the training will begin within a month.