4th International ILEM Summer School Opens in IMU


Istanbul Medeniyet University hosted the opening session of the 4th International ILEM Summer School organized by Scientific Studies Association (ILEM), Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), and our University.

The event started in our South Campus Conference Hall at 10 o’clock on July the 3rd with welcoming remarks. Greeting the participants and thanking all contributors, Süleyman Güder, President of ILEM, briefly introduced the programs and activities of the Association and provided information about the previous three summer schools as well as the objectives of the current program. He was followed by Mehmet Koca, President of Mavera Foundation, also congratulated the students for joining and thanked the program organizers.

The final speaker to welcome the participators as the host of the opening event was our Rector Prof. M. İhsan Karaman, M.D., who told that we are proud to host such a significant scientific event. Underlining the civilization- and research-oriented character of our university, he noted that we place great value on organizing or contributing to research and activities like this event, which promote the progress of science and knowledge that benefits our civilization and the wellbeing of humanity all around the world. Stressing the importance of such scientific activities in contributing to the progress of Islamic Civilization with the power of knowledge. Wishing all a fruitful program and thanking all the scholars, organizers and students for participating in this international program, our Rector officially opened the 4th International ILEM Summer School.

The keynote speech for the conference was delivered by Prof. İhsan Fazlıoğlu, Dean of our Faculty of Arts & Humanities, under the theme “Principle, Image, and System: An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Philosophy-Science Schools in Islamic Civilization (Temeddün)”. In his speech, Prof. Fazlıoğlu questioned the foundations of philosophical systems with particular emphasis on systems labeled with the term “Islamic”, noting that Islamic and non-Islamic systems and also Islamic systems in different periods and geographies share some common qualities. Emphasizing that every civilization creates a worldview or Weltanschauung, which could also be multiplied in some, he concluded that Islam should be regarded not only as a religion, but also as a worldview.

The 4th ILEM International Summer School will continue during 3-9 July 2017 and will be addressing the main theme of “Revival of Knowledge in the Muslim World: Methodological Approaches” with distinguished scholars from all around the world. In this framework, topics of Islamic politics, economics, philosophy of Islam, and reconstruction of Islamic society will be addressed.

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