Registration Procedures for Students Placed in our University through 2019 YKS Exam


Dear students, Welcome to our family in Istanbul Medeniyet University. You can complete your registration procedures more quickly and easily via

Our students placed through 2019 YKS Exam results will be able to e-register via from 16 to 21 August 2019. You can download the e-registration guide at

Those who prefer to register in our University in person (those who do not register via will register between 19 and 23 August 2019. These candidates are to fill in the Pre-registration Form and register in person on the dates given in the table below. (Pre-registration form will be online on 12 August 2019.)

Students who register via are then to submit the following documents to our Department of Student Affairs by mail or in person from 16 to 28 September 2019. Our students of the Faculty of Medicine are to submit the documents until 5 October 2019. 

a) Barcoded printed document obtained from the e-registration web page (only e-registered students will submit this document.)

b) Printed OSYS result document,

c) Four photos of 4.5 x 6 cm. recently taken,

ç) High school diploma either approved by a notary or approved as “same as original” by the high school of graduation or graduation certificate obtained from [A recently dated Graduation Certificate if the diploma is not yet issued] (Achievement certificates do not substitute Graduation Certificate.)

d) In addition to the above documents, students registering in the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Turkish Music are also required to submit a Medical Board Report obtained from a general official hospital (public hospitals or hospitals run by Medicine Faculties) (Those who cannot complete their Medical Board Reports during registration have to submit it until 5 October 2019.)

Students who register in person or by e-registration are to fill in the IMU Pre-Registration Form before registration. Please do not perform e-registration or come to register in person before filling in the pre-registration form.

Optional English prep class is offered for our Turkish-medium programs.

Students newly-registered in programs with compulsory foreign language prep class (English Teaching and Spanish Language and Literature) are required to take the English Placement and Proficiency Exams to be held on 26-28 August 2019.

Students who registered in person or performed e-registration and want to take the English Placement (DBS) and Proficiency (İYS) Exams should follow the announcements on the website of our School of Foreign Languages.

Registration Dates




Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Faculty of Political Sciences


Faculty of Medicine


Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Health Sciences


Faculty of Law


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


Faculty of Education Sciences


Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture


Faculty of Tourism


Registration Venue

Dumlupınar Mah. D-100 Karayolu No:98 Güney Kampüs, Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı, B Blok     34000  Kadıköy / İSTANBUL

(Istanbul Medeniyet University, South Campus, Department of Student Affairs)

Education Venues:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities                                   South Campus / Göztepe Kadıköy

Faculty of Political Sciences                                        South Campus / Göztepe Kadıköy

Faculty of Medicine                                                      North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Faculty of Education Sciences                                              

English Teaching                                                    Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Guidance and Psychological Counseling               Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Elementary Mathematics Teaching                        Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Turkish Teaching                                                    Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Preschool Teaching                                                Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Faculty of Law                                                                 Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Faculty of Tourism                                                           Orhanlı Campus / Tuzla 

Faculty of Dentistry                                                          Orhanlı Campus / Tuzla 

School of Foreign Languages (English Prep Classes)    Orhanlı Campus / Tuzla

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Electrical and Electronic Engineering           North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Physics Engineering                                     North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Molecular Biology and Genetics                   North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Civil Engineering                                           North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Computer Engineering                                  North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Bioengineering                                               North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Industrial Engineering                                    North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Mathematics                                                  North Campus / Ünalan Üsküdar

Faculty of Health Sciences                  

Nursing                                              Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Health Management                          Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Social Services                                  Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Nutrition and Dietetics                       Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Audiology                                           Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture                                 

Turkish Music                                    Cevizli Campus / Kartal

Visual Communication Design          Orhanlı Campus / Tuzla

Course selection procedures for all our first-year students (freshmen) who have registered in our University will be completed by the Department of Student Affairs. Therefore, our first-year students are not to select courses on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.