DBS and İYS for the Students Placed into English-Medium Programs by DGS Exam


English Placement Test (DBS)

Date of Exam:                       23 September 2019 Monday

Exam Hour:                            14.00

Exam Location:                 İstanbul Medeniyet University Orhanlı Campus

Note: Exam halls will be announced later on the School of Foreign Languages website.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Students who fail to participate in the Placement cannot take the Proficiency Exam (İYS) on 24 September 2019 and will be directly registered in English Preparatory Classes. Students are required to obtain a minimum score of 80 to take the Proficiency Exam. Students who took the Placement Exam but failed to obtain 80 will be placed to Prep Classes according to their DBS scores.

English Proficiency Exam (İYS)

Written Parts: 24 September 2019 Tuesday

  Part 1 Starts: 10.00

             Part 2 (Writing) Starts: 13.00, Finish: 14.15 (75 minutes)

Speaking Exam: 24 September 2019 Wednesday

Exam Hour: 14.30

Exam Venue: İstanbul Medeniyet University Orhanlı Campus

Note: Exam halls will be announced later on the School of Foreign Languages website.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROFICIENCY EXAM: Proficiency exam consists of five main parts, which are listening, reading, writing, speaking and use of English (grammar and vocabulary). The level of the exam is B2 based on the Common European Framework guidelines. A sample exam is available on our website under the “Student” tab. Students (excluding English Language Teaching Department) are required to obtain a minimum score of 70 (including 69.5) to pass the Proficiency exam; however, students of the English Language Teaching Department have to obtain a minimum of score of 80 (including 79.5). Students who pass the Proficiency exam will directly start their studies in their respective departments. Students who fail to obtain the minimum scores will be placed in Prep Classes according to their Placement Exam scores.


  1. Students need to be in the classrooms on the said dates and hours. Exam halls (classrooms), classroom lists and Speaking Exam Hours will be announced later on the School of Foreign Languages website and students need to follow the announcements on this web page regularly before the exam. Student ID cards will be checked during the exam and latecomers will not be accepted in the classrooms. Those who have not obtained their student IDs yet may show a student certificate obtained from the Student Affairs Department or from e-devlet website.
  2. Since latecomers will not be accepted, it is highly recommended to be present in the exam venue at least 30 minutes before the exam and to take potential transportation problems into account. Students may visit the School of Foreign Languages Department website and İETT website to get more information about the transportation methods to Orhanlı Campus (
  3. Students are advised to check the School of Foreign Languages website regularly to keep up with the current announcements.