Announcement to our Students


As is known, the future reforms in teacher training have been announced in the 2023 Education Vision Document, according to which:

  1. Pedagogical Formation Training Certificate Programs will be replaced by graduate-level “Teaching Profession Specialty Program”. (Page 41)
  2. “Pedagogical Formation” certificate programs will be replaced by graduate-level “Specialty in Teaching Programs”, which will be easily accessible throughout the country. This program will first be administered to candidates who have been selected for teaching positions by the Ministry of National Education as part of their professional training (Page 42) (

In order to ascertain whether students will be admitted to the Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program currently offered by our university, the Ministry of National Education has been contacted and the authorities informed that legal arrangements will be made soon and Pedagogic Formation programs will be abolished and particular programs with registered students will be ended, with resulting fee refunds to the students.

In the light of the above information, no students have been admitted to our Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program for 2019-2020 Academic Year to avoid any problems and extra expenses on the part of our students. And some of our current students have disenrolled from the program due to the abovementioned reasons.

Respectfully announced to our students.